Career Management

Your MHA is about more than advanced training and management strategies in health care, it’s also about your career.

Students entering the MHA come with diverse experiences and career goals, be it to progress within your organization or to transition to a different role or company. You’re encouraged to build your career plan through our dedicated career sessions and connecting with people and resources across the School and the University.

Career Development Workshops

The program runs workshops, one-on-one sessions and online and in-person events designed to support and advance your career. Topics include:

  • Alumni Insights Panel: A panel of alumni sharing their insights to give you a sense of what it’s like in their position and area of the healthcare sector
  • Build a Career Action Plan: Clarify your career goals, identify obstacles and develop a career action plan
  • Career Positioning and Branding: Identify your talents and how you add value with a career brand statement to differentiate yourself from other candidates
  • Interview Prep: Learn and practice effective skills and strategies to succeed at your next interview
  • LinkedIn and your Digital Brand: Maximize your career brand with a hands-on workshop to develop a strong digital brand and leverage this important tool to feature your education, experience and skills
  • Professional Relationship Building: Learn what networking really entails, the returns it generates and how to leverage the power of networks you already have
  • Creativity and Innovation: Exploring new approaches to problem-solving, taking risks and dealing gracefully with the unexpected.

Current MHA students can access the year’s schedule in the MHA Internal Course site on Canvas.

Alumni and Faculty Network

The MHA program connects students to an extensive network of faculty, alumni and health care experts. During your two years of coursework, students will engage with our MHA faculty from business and healthcare fields along with guest speakers and projects and case studies from local hospitals and healthcare organizations.

MHA alumni are invaluable resources for the program and highlight how they translate what they have learned to their professional lives dedicated to improving the health of Canadians. Our program is committed to providing opportunities for our alumni to stay connected and network with each other.

Capstone project

The final research project for SPHA 590 connects students with a supervisor to research and report on a self-selected topic related to specific interests for investigation in the health care field.