Certified Health Executive (CHE) Designation


Note: January 2020
The CHE has recently made changes to the requirements for the designation. We are currently working with the College to continue our strategic alliance and for the MHA to meet the CHE completion requirements. Details will be updated as it becomes available.

MHA students are eligible to apply under our strategic alliance with CHE. MHA Students meet all entrance criteria in the CHE Program, applicants will benefit from the reduced application fee and exemption of doing the LEADS in Action Project in the CHE Program.  Below are the links that lead directly to the CHE program pages:

CHE Program Overview /CHE Application Form / CHE web page


As the CHE program is self-directive, some students may complete the components much earlier than the given timelines.  For example, as soon as students completed the Self-Assessment and Career Development Plan, they can start preparing for the online exam.


Required documents for the CHE application:
  • Completed application form
  • Copies of degrees: if you are sending images of your degrees, please ensure the image is clear and the font is readable.
  • CV with detailed position descriptions: applicants can also include the position description issued by the employer/organization as supporting document for the CV
  • Signed letter of reference from current or previous supervisor in employment context.
    • Tips:

      • There is no specific format for the reference letter. What we are looking for is the person who provides the reference needs to:
      • Have a knowledge of the CHE program and indicate in the letter that it is in reference to the CHE program
      • Provide an overview of your leadership experience within your work setting and the reasons pursuing the CHE would be valuable to your career journey
      • Although the letter of reference is non-structured and is open to the interpretation of the referee, it should be structured around your skills and abilities in the areas of health services management & leadership as they relate to the CHE program.
  • Proof of enrollment

  • Please save above CHE application and required documents in ONE document in the order of :
    • Completed application form + copies of degrees + CV with detailed position description + Signed letter of reference from supervisor in employment context. 
  • Please email your application/one document to CHE@cchl-ccls.ca with the subject line in the email: “CHE Program – Application RRU – Your Full Name”

eg. “CHE Program – Application UBC – Stéphane Joannette”