Working Remotely

Cybersecurity Updates

  • As UBC continues to navigate its response to COVID–19, we are seeing a significant increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks specifically targeting universities and healthcare research facilities. More information can be found here with regards to the action plan of the university. Stefan and Kevin will contact you when more details are provided.

VPN Access

  • In order to access any to connect to the UBC myVPN service.You can login using your UBC CWL credentials.

Voicemail Access

  • To access your voicemail, dial 604-822-2010 and press #, and enter the last 5 digits of your UBC phone number and then your voicemail password.

Email Access

  • UBC webmail link: can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. You’ll be asked to authenticate using Duo so you may need to have your mobile device handy

Sharedrive and Workspace Access

  • Accessing shared files can be done by mapping a connection to Teamshare. This still requires a VPN connection. The SPPH Teamshare location is: \\\TEAM\SPPH\CORE (Windows) or smb:// (Mac)

Your username to login is EAD\<CWL USERNAME>.
On Windows, you will have to select More choices and then enter EAD\CWL <USERNAME>.
On Macs, the path is smb://

  • For the education team only: The share drive mapping is \\\SPPH (Windows) and afp:// (Mac)

The username/password is not your CWL information, but a custom password provided to you directly. If you can’t remember the password, contact to get it reset.

Teaching and Canvas

  • You can access Canvas by going to this link from any device: and logging in with your CWL credentials. You will be asked to authenticate via Duo as well.

 Collaboration and audio conferencing

  • To use Skype for Business for collaboration, download the Windows or Mac version depending on your system. The UBC collaboration site has information on how to sign in if you’re having issues.
  • If you are hosting a telephone meeting only via Skype for Business, you’ll need your Skype for Business PIN. This was provided to you when you were provisioned with access.
  • For optimal performance please disconnect from VPN and use a wired internet connection if you plan to use the call/video options in Skype for Business
  • To reset your Skype for Business PIN, please do so here.

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