Student Association

The Association of Population and Public Health Students (TAPPHS)

We are the voice for students in the School, and organize events for student benefit, from the Exchange to career evenings. Our meetings are generally held in the SPPH building, currently on a varied schedule. These meetings are open to all students. Please email us for the meeting time and location, and join us to learn more about TAPPHS and how you can get involved.

When: Monthly

Where: SPPH

Who: Everyone who wants to know more about TAPPHS or is interested in getting involved

Any questions, please email Like us on Facebook to get the latest news and find out about upcoming events.

Student Representation

Each of the School’s Graduate Programs has representation on the SPPH Student Association and several Committees within the School of Population and Public Health. On a regular basis, you will be working with TAPPHS, the SPPH student association, to organize and support student-led academic and social programming.  If required, your role may also involve representing students in their respective programs on SPPH committees.

Full Faculty Committee  - The purpose of the Full Faculty Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to the Director of the School of Population and Public Health on all matters relating to overall policies and activities of the School.  You will be responsible for canvassing student input on relevant issues, and communicating this input to the School.

Program and Curriculum Integration Committee (PCIC) - The purpose of the Program and Curriculum Integration Committee is to consider and make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the School of Population and Public Health on all matters relating to Program and Curriculum Integration across the School, its Divisions and Programs.Being a student representative is one way in which students can participate in the running of the School.

Being a student rep does add a few responsibilities to your workload, but they're not terribly onerous. The payback is that you will be meaningfully engaged in the running of the School, as you will be the "point person" for the student body in dealing with the School on administrative and academic issues.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students in SPPH from all programs participate in various fun activities on and off campus, such as ice hockey, dodgeball, Storm the Wall, longboat racing, bocce, and soccer.

Interested in playing volleyball, futsal, dodgeball, soccer or basketball? Sign up is now open to join SPPH intramural men’s, women’s and social teams by emailing to indicate your interest. Deadlines for registration are fast approaching, so sign up while you can!