SPPH Director Releases New Edition of Seminal Book on Health System Reform

The School of Population and Public Health is thrilled to announce the release of the third edition of Getting Health Reform Right: A Guide to Improving Performance and Equity, a book on health system performance in low- and middle-income countries co-authored by the recently appointed Director of SPPH, Prof. Peter Berman.

First published in 2004 by Oxford University Press, Getting Health Reform Right is now the world’s leading text for understanding and measuring gaps in health-system performance, providing readers with a unique, step-by-step framework for creating long-term solutions to issues of health system accessibility and affordability.

According to Peter C. Smith, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy at the London Imperial College Business School, Getting Health Reform Right has “rapidly assumed the status of a classic and proved an inspiration to a generation of students and policymakers.”

In the third edition, Prof. Berman and co-authors William C. Hsiao and Michael R. Reich from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health added a new introduction as well as 15 years’ worth of findings regarding the application of the book’s model to real-world health systems. The model examines five health-sector reform “control knobs,” or areas requiring government action to improve primary health care delivery and outcomes: financing, payment, organization, regulation, and behavior. These criteria have influenced international health policy at each level of reform, from early conception to implementation.

Former Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in India Nachiket Mor praised the publication for its straightforward, accessible framing of public health issues.

[Getting Health Reform Right] has become the mainstay of health-system reform conversations among policymakers in India.”

The new edition will be released September 15 and will be available for loan at UBC. In addition to online copies via UBC’s library website, the previous edition of the book can be found at the Woodward Library.