Nazrul Islam

Nazrul Islam 1

Name: Nazrul Islam
Graduate Program: PhD
Award: Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2014)

After completing two master’s degrees in epidemiology and biostatistics, Nazrul Islam came to UBC’s School of Population and Public Health in hopes of challenging himself and leading his own research projects.

“SPPH’s intensive curricula with extensive breadth, strong blend of academics and research, potential of great research in epidemiology and biostatistics, and the alignment of my research interests with my supervisor Dr. Shoveller’s work were a few of the reasons why I attended to SPPH.”

While working with Dr. Shoveller, they collaborated with the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) to examine the spread of an online STI/HIV intervention program is influenced by social and cultural factors. Similarly, Nazrul is currently working on a research project examining the relationship between neighborhood risk factors and health outcomes of individuals who are co-infected with HIV and Hepatitis-C.

“My clinical practice helped me realize the enormous benefits of prevention over cure, and the large-scale impact of working with population as opposed to individual practice.”

While studying and researching at SPPH, Nazrul received the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for his achievements and leadership. With this award, the Government of Canada deemed him as one of “the world’s most promising young research talents.”

After graduating, Nazrul hopes to dedicate his time to become a prominent researcher in population and public health, while concurrently teaching epidemiology and statistics. From his achievements at SPPH, it is inevitable that he is bound for success.

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