Mohammad Karamouzian

MKaramouzianGraduate Program: Master of Science
Awards: Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award (2014); Ann and William Messenger Graduate Fellowship (2014); Northern Telecom Graduate Fellowship (2014)

“Through public health, I have the potential to make a difference in the lives of tens, hundreds, and even thousands of humans.”

As a veterinarian, Mohammad Karamouzian helped animals and pet owners. However, he felt that his true passion lay in public health. “There is no better way to affect people’s lives and health than through public health.”

Mohammad continued his education by pursuing a Master of Science at SPPH. Since 2014, Mohammad has won various awards and fellowships to fund his research and education, including the Northern Telecom Graduate Fellowship (2014) and the Faculty of Medicine Graduate Award (2014).

Currently, Mohammad works with Professor Jean Shoveller in the Youth Sexual Health Team, studying the effect of stigmas and gender stereotypes on youth engagement in sexual health promotion efforts. With this research, the Youth Sexual Health Team is producing an online STI testing service in British Columbia.

Mohammad plans to pursue a career in academia and research. He hopes to help vulnerable populations, specifically populations at risk of HIV.

When asked about the most valuable knowledge gained while at SPPH, Mohammad replied, “SPPH enabled me to ask important questions and figure out how to answer them. SPPH’s research seminars taught me to critically think out my research questions and understand their limitations before stepping into them, and that there is always room for improvement.”

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