Meet Jasper Tam, MSc OEH

“The degree shows the employer you’re a good critical thinker, and it shows your research ability.”

2015 graduate Jasper Tam enjoys working in the occupational and environmental hygiene field because of its applicability to people’s lives. He likens the discipline to an applied science: those in the industry can take measurements, calculate a worker’s exposure to hazards and immediately make recommendations to reduce this exposure.

Jasper is currently interning with the Halifax Regional Municipality as a Corporate Safety Consultant. Although his interest lies more with occupational hygiene, his internship has allowed him to use the skills he learned in the program to conduct a mini-project about air quality in certain facilities.

Jasper pic 2As part of the degree, Jasper worked at an oil and gas company in Alberta for his summer co-op, an eye-opening experience that allowed students to use what they had learned directly in the workplace.

The class of 2015 was one of the best parts of the degree, with great camaraderie and collaboration.

And as for current students feeling slightly overwhelmed with the prospective workload? “Everyone feels the same way, but everyone makes it!”

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