Tuition and Funding


All new full-time admissions to the SPPH PhD program starting in 2018 will receive an offer of admission from the program that includes a minimum funding commitment of $22,000 per year for four years.

The funding package may consist of any combination of external or internal scholarships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, or income from other academically-related work at UBC (e.g. graduate administrative assistantships, lectureships).

At the request of the student, income from other employment in the field of the student’s research may be considered part of the funding package, whether the work occurs on or off campus. Students may be required to disclose their sources and amounts of university employment income or scholarship funding, as well as other income sources to the graduate program, and must inform the program immediately of any new or additional funding sources. Students will be able to accept or decline the package as a whole or only accept specific components.

See for full details.

Finding a Supervisor

For more information about finding a supervisor, click here.

Awards and Scholarships

For information about awards and scholarships available to PhD students at UBC, click here.

Current opportunities

Specific School of Population and Public Health opportunities available for doctoral students will be posted here when available. These opportunities are not an exhaustive list. Students are encouraged to read the guidelines on the Looking for a supervisor page to learn more about approaching potential supervisors.

If you have an SPPH opportunity you would like posted, please email a link to a description of this offer, or a PDF of the same, to