Program Details

The Masters of Science in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (MSc OEH) has two program options: the Project Option, usually completed within 20 months, and the Thesis Option, which can take slightly longer to complete.

At a glance

Thesis Option Project Option
21 credits of Required courses (including 12 credits for thesis) 15 credits of Required courses (including 6 credits for project)
9 credits of recommended elective courses 18 credits of recommended elective courses
12 credits of elective courses 9 credits of elective courses
OEH Seminars OEH Seminars
UBC Risk Mgmt short course in chemical safety UBC Risk Mgmt short course in chemical safety
2 Short Courses 2 Short Courses
Oral Exam (thesis defense) *Comprehensive Exam
**Capstone course

*applicable to students who started the program in 2017 and earlier.
**applicable to students commencing the program as of September 2018.

Did you know?

The program had its origins in the School of Environmental Health, which merged into the School of Population and Public Health in 2011.

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OEH Student Handbook to be updated shortly for 2021-2022 year.