Meet Our Alumni


Alumni are the experts when it comes to how the Master of Science in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene works and what employment opportunities are available after graduation.

Check out some of the diverse careers available to our graduates, get to know our alumni better, and if you have further questions, you can contact those who have made their information available.




Judith Anderson
Industrial Hygenist

“It’s practical and it’s useful and it’s interesting.”

Industrial hygienist Judith Anderson for the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA says the MSc OEH degree was a huge advantage when it came to her career. It prepares graduates well with critical thinking skills, and provides exposure to different aspects of the field. “I ended up with a very rewarding job.”

Melissa Friesen
PhD, Investigator

“The program provides strong foundational skills that will aid both professional and research-oriented careers in exposure science.”

National Cancer Institute investigator Melissa Friesen says she uses the foundational skills from the MSc OEH program in her research studies daily. She has fond memories of the program and just how approachable the faculty were when help was needed. “No visit back to Vancouver is complete for me without a stop to visit the program.”

Jasper Tam
Occupational Hygenist

“It’s like an applied science – you can directly apply it to people’s safety and health.”

The MSc OEH shows employers you possess good critical thinking skills and research abilities, 2015 graduate Jasper Tam says. His classmates were one of the best parts of the degree, with great camaraderie and collaboration. And as for current students feeling slightly overwhelmed with the prospective workload? “Everyone feels the same way, but everyone makes it!”

Kenneth Kan
Chief HSE Office & VP, GE Canada & Region Leader

“The program leads to some great career paths.”

Vice president of environment health and safety for GE Canada Vice President Kenneth Kan says the degree kick-started his career, convincing his first employer to take a chance on a new graduate. The occupational and environmental hygiene and health and safety field allows direct application of scientific skills to make change. “The program gets you into a field that’s rewarding.”

Eshan Hemmativaghef

Meet Ehsan Hemmativaghef, Master of Sciencee in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene graduate. Ehsan studied Health, Safety and Environment at University of Tehran and worked as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Supervisor with the multinational company SGS prior to joining SPPH in September 2018.