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The MPH at UBC paves the way to diverse career paths. Students come to the program from diverse undergraduate backgrounds, including biology, chemistry, engineering, geography, kinesiology, laboratory science, microbiology, nursing, medicine, physics, psychology, and resource management.

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Applications open: October 15, 2020
Application deadline*: December 15, 2020

*All applications are due by December 15, 2020. There is only one admission per academic year. Supporting documents are due by the December 31st, 2020.  The Admissions Committee will not consider your application unless all documents have been received by this date. We are unable to accommodate late applications. Due to the current covid-19 situation, our offices are closed. All staff are working remotely as per UBC’s health and safety guidelines. Hard copies will not be accepted at this time.

Please note that as of the 2019 intake, we no longer offer the Distributed Learning (DL) format.

Our office will be closed for the holidays from December 19, 2020 to January 3, 2021 (inclusive). Please note that we will not be answering email queries during this time. Our responses may be delayed in early January as we work through the emails received over the holidays. Emails received after December 15 may not receive a response until early January 2021 when we return from the holiday closure.


Please note that as of September 2021, the Master of Public Health program anticipates a curriculum change which is in its final stage of approval with the university. Please click here for more details.

Minimum Academic Requirements*

Applicants must meet the minimum academic requirements and professional experience requirements set out by the Master of Public Health Program and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Undergraduate degrees from Canada or U.S.A.  Degree and GPA:

  • A degree equivalent to a UBC 4-year Bachelor’s degree.
  • A GPA of B+ or higher, calculated from all third and fourth year-level coursework.
  • Find more information about degrees and GPAs for Canadian and US institutions from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Quantitative skills (applicants must meet one of the following):

  • B+ or higher grade in an approved undergraduate statistics or mathematics course. The course must appear on the transcript and have been taken within the past ten years. Please note for courses taken outside of the approved list of courses, we will require a syllabus and an unofficial transcript submitted via email (Scan and upload a copy of your course syllabus and include your student application number) before the application deadline of December 15th, 2020.


  • A standardized exam such as GRE or GMAT will be considered with the result in the 50th percentile or above in both the verbal and quantitative components. MCAT will also be considered with the score of 508 on the new format and 30 on the old format. The test must be taken within the last five years.

English Proficiency:

  • Applicants do not need to submit an English Language Test.
International Undergraduate degrees Degree and GPA:

  • Applicants with international credentials must have academic backgrounds that meet the minimum requirements outlined by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for the country of origin of the credential(s). The GPA is calculated on all courses taken for the degree. Please note that we do not accept transcript evaluations from World Education Services (WES) or similar agencies.

Quantitative skills:

  • A standardized exam such as GRE or GMAT will be considered with the result in the 50th percentile or above in both the verbal and quantitative components. MCAT will also be considered with the score of 508 on the new format and 30 on the old format. The test must be taken within the last five years.

English Proficiency:

An English Language test is required for all applicants with an undergraduate degree from a university where English is not the primary language of instruction.

  • A score of 100 or higher on the TOEFL OR a score of 7.0 or higher (and component scores of 6.5 or higher) on the IELTS Academic Test. The test must have been taken within the last 24 months at the time of submission of your application.

*Meeting the minimum criteria does not ensure acceptance into the program – most successful applicants have academic credentials and test scores that are above the minimum.

Professional Experience for All Applicants

Applicants are encouraged to have prior public health experience before applying to the MPH Program. Such experience will be advantageous and valued by the Admissions Committee. This information can be detailed in the following required documents:

Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

A detailed and up-to-date CV that highlights academic awards, achievements, honours or other distinctions, publications, memberships in scholarly or professional organizations, educational experience, volunteer work, professional employment, and other relevant skills and experiences. Please include the approximate number of hours per month spent for each experience listed.

Find more resources to assist in preparing your CV from UBC Student Services or G+PS.

Letter of intent (LOI)

Applicants are encouraged to be specific in their letters of intent and clearly articulate your interests in pursuing the MPH, and describe how the program fits within their overall personal and professional goals. Please avoid duplicating the information in the LOI with the details on the CV. An effective LOI should identify how you will use the skills and knowledge from their experiences towards achieving identified goals in the MPH program. Further, the LOI should demonstrate an understanding of the public health field. The LOI must not exceed 700 words.

You can find tips on writing your LOI from G+PS.

Reference Letters Applicants are required to have three reference letters as part of their application. The letters should directly address the your ability to excel in a fast-paced, learner-focused graduate program. We prefer that at least one reference letter be academic and at least one reference letter be professional.


Program-Specific Admissions Policies

Aboriginal Admissions Policy The MPH program reserves 2 seats each year for Aboriginal students. If an Aboriginal applicant is offered admission as part of the standard review by the Admissions Committee, it will not count towards the 2 reserved seats. Aboriginal applications that are not successful at the Admissions Committee will be sent to the Aboriginal Admissions Subcommittee for review. Based on the review, the Aboriginal Admissions Subcommittee may then recommend up to two applicants for admission to fill the 2 reserved seats. Applicants must identify as an Aboriginal person in the application in order to be considered under this policy. Please contact Program Manager for more information.

We examine each applicant’s record in the context of their career goals, and may advise some individuals to supplement their undergraduate coursework to maximize their chance of success.

In exceptional circumstances, candidates with other backgrounds or mature students whose work experience makes up for deficiencies in standing may be admitted with the permission of the Program Director and the Dean of Graduate Studies.