MPH/DPH Program

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The MPH/DPH program is suspending admissions for the September 2020 start date due to dual degree program restructuring. Please check the website after fall 2020 for updates.

Dental Public Health serves the public through preventing and controlling dental diseases, promoting oral health, education, and applying dental research. Those interested in helping their communities achieve better oral health, and in becoming the dental public health leaders of the future, should consider the dual degree program offered at UBC.

This allows students exposure to the academic and research rigor of the Faculty of Dentistry as well as the interdisciplinary environment and research excellence of the School of Population and Public Health. Graduates will gain a Master of Public Health, giving them good grounding for a career as a leader in population and public health, and a Diploma in Dental Public Health, a dentistry specialty allowing work in a wide variety of environments.

This is a combined non-clinical, non-thesis program which encompasses education, field work, and public service components that contribute to the health and socio-cultural progress of Canadians. For more details about the program, please visit the Faculty of Dentistry.

Normal course of study is two and a half full-time academic years to prepare the graduate student for practice in dental public health. The schedule  below is for the 2016/17 academic year.

Year 1

Year 1 (mandatory August orientation, September 1 – August 31)

DENT 506 – Topics in Dental Public Health I
DENT 508 – Public Health Rotations I
DENT 540 – Research Methods
DENT 769 – Foundation of Teaching and Learning for Dental Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs)
SPPH 400 – Statistics in Health Research
SPPH 500 – Analytical Methods in Epidemiological Research
SPPH 525 – Issues and Concepts in Public Health
SPPH – Elective I

Year 2

Year 2 (mandatory August orientation, September 1 – August 31)

DENT 507 – Topics in Dental Public Health II
DENT 509 – Public Health Rotations II
SPPH 502 – Epidemiologic Methods I
SPPH 503 – Epidemiologic Methods II
SPPH 526 – Leadership in Public Health
SPPH 540 – Program Planning and Evaluation
SPPH 543 – Health Technology Assessment for Health Policy
SPPH 542 – Canadian Health Policy
SPPH – Elective II
SPPH – Elective III

Year 3

Year 3 (September 1 – December 31)

SPPH 508 – MPH Practicum

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Applicants must satisfy the minimum requirements for admission by both the Master of Public Health and the Faculty of Dentistry. Applicants to this graduate program must hold a DMD or its equivalent from a recognized university, a degree in dental hygiene, or a dental hygiene diploma from an accredited program with a Bachelor degree or a dental hygiene degree. For more information on the Faculty of Dentistry admission criteria, please contact Jackie Lee at

Curriculum and Practicum

The curriculum has a solid grounding in critical thinking and evidence-based practice that combines a wide range of courses from the UBC School of Population and Public Health and the Faculty of Dentistry. Students will gain field work experience in the form of a practicum, involving community participation and research practice at local, national or international partnering organizations.

Conferring of degrees

Achievement of the combined MPH/Diploma in Dental Public Health requires full completion of the didactic, rotations, and practicum requirements associated with the Master in Public Health program in the School of Population and Public Health and with the diploma program in the Faculty of Dentistry. In this combined program, the diploma and the master are awarded conjointly and both must be completed to graduate. A student who withdraws from the program does so as a whole, and will not be able to complete the MPH or the diploma alone.