Program Requirements


Pathways to Success in the UBC MPH

The MPH program is a two year, full-time non-thesis degree which includes a practicum. Considering the curriculum below, the program is not intended for students who are working full-time. There are also program requirements such as professional development and related seminars which first year students are expected to attend.


The UBC Master of Public Health degree integrates learning in:

You’ll find that the MPH curriculum paves the way to a diversity of career paths.


MPH Curriculum


Program Requirements

Students will be expected to complete a minimum of 60 credits to graduate.

Each course is worth 3 credits. These 60 credits will be distributed as follows:

  • 36 credits are required to complete 1 course in each of 12 core program themes
    • See details below for core program themes
  • In addition, the program presumes all students will complete 12 credits in a learning pathway
  • 6 credits for the practicum
  • 6 credits for elective courses (graduate-level courses)

Click here for a full list of SPPH graduate courses.



This new curriculum will equip graduates with the depth and breadth of competencies now required to be at the cutting edge of public health as our profession fights the spread of the Covid-19 virus as well as the unintended harms imposed by physical distancing.

      • As we reduce the rates of many other chronic and infectious diseases
      • As we fight the climate crisis, the opioid crisis, housing unaffordability, and poverty
      • As we contribute to movements to advance equality like Truth & Reconciliation and Black Lives Matter
      • And so much more