MHA Program Schedule

The Master of Health Administration‘s unique flexible format is designed for students to work and study. Classes are taught on Friday afternoons and weekends with two 1.5 credit courses over two weekends.

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Students complete 24 (1.5 credit) courses in health systems, policies and management to prepare them for a broad range of issues facing today’s health care world. Students must also complete a capstone research project (SPHA 590) that investigates a problem or issue related to health care administration.

24-Month Program Timeline

Year 1:

Gain exposure to a breadth of health policy and management courses that span the health care sector.
Master of Health Administration Schedule

Year 2:

Apply knowledge from foundational courses and advance understanding with specialized courses to investigate issues confronting our health care system.
Master of Health Administration Schedule

* Course listing in the timeline may shift within the program year and timing of winter breaks are subject to change.
** 590 Project typically takes two months (July & August). If more time is required, students may spill into September and October.