Looking for a supervisor?

Are you looking for a supervisor for your PhD or MSc application? Read the advice below and follow the steps to find the right supervisor for you.

  1. Understand the Requirements for SPPH PhD and MSc applications
    • PhD applicants are required to have supervisor support for their applications.
    • MSc applicants are not required to have supervisor support, but it is recommended.
  2. Focus your Search
    • We strongly recommend that you use the Research Supervisor tool on UBC Graduate School website. Use keywords related to your research interests when using the search engine.
    • Establish that your research interests align with the faculty member’s research interests. Familiarize yourself with their work, read their recent publications and past theses/dissertations that they supervised. Be certain that their research is indeed what you are hoping to study.
  3. Reach out
    • When you find your desired supervisor, please use the Supervision Enquiry Form on the left of the faculty profile in G+PS Website. This form will provide the needed information for faculty members to get to you know better.
    • If your desired faculty member does not have the Supervision Enquiry Form option or does not have a profile, you may send them an email directly. Please make sure to include your degree,  a short overview of your research background, and short paragraph explaining why you want to work with them.
  4. Additional tips for making a good impression
    • Do not send non-specific, mass emails to everyone in the department hoping for a match.
    • Include a brief outline of your academic background, why you are interested in working with the faculty member, and what experience you could bring to the department. The supervision enquiry form guides you with targeted questions.
    • Highlight your achievements and why you are a top student. Faculty members receive dozens of requests from prospective students.
    • Demonstrate that you are familiar with their research:
      • Convey the specific ways you are a good fit for the program.
      • Convey the specific ways the program/lab/faculty member is a good fit for the research you are interested in/already conducting.