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SPPH Admin/Ops Updates

We appreciate the new remote working arrangement is requiring us to find new ways of working, and really want to encourage all of you to explore creative ways to address any separation or isolation barriers that may arise.
Please stay-tuned for further messages from the School of Population and Public Health, the Faculty of Medicine, and UBC, and continue to consult the appropriate public authorities for the latest information.

Building Access and Facilities services curtailment

We have minimized our building access and reduced facility services — our campus building is now supporting curtailed operations, with swipe-access entry only in effect. Please note that any new requests for building access should be addressed to the Director, Admin & Ops ( We strongly encourage everyone to maintain remote work arrangements.

  • This applies to our external swipe access doors that are normally programmed to be open to the public
  • Perimeter doors of the building will be locked until further notice
  • Contact lists and our website directory link have been posted in highly visible areas on both entries to the building as well as our main first floor access doors for those on site
  • Please note this may change again as the weeks progress
  • Services will be limited to basic safety and regulatory requirements – this includes reduced custodial services
  • We also will be putting our campus mail services on a temporary pause until April 6th

For anyone requiring exemptions for research continuity purposes, please ensure all requests are directed to both Dr Peter Berman and Shannon Charney

Working Remotely

We have now moved to remote work arrangements for all employees whom are able to do so, in support of social distancing protocols.

  • As previously noted, faculty, staff, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, and student employees who are able to work from home should do so, in conjunction with job appropriateness and in discussion with their manager, research lead, or principal investigator.
  • Work plans will serve as guidelines going forward and as situations unfold, changes can be implemented as needed on a case-by-case basis.
    • The recommendations for supervisors is to set up daily check-ins with all employees (whether by email, phone, or other modality) to ensure the ability to stay connected, be informed, and be creative about ways to address any work barriers that may arise.
    • Additional FAQs have been developed by HR to support this pilot here.
  • IT resources and connectivity information has been sent out separately, included in previous emails, can be found on our SPPH website, and is additionally listed for you below.
    • Please note that new resources are being made available daily, and we will update these lists online going forward.
      • We are in the process of receiving additional Zoom accounts for SPPH units, and instructions on how to access those will be sent to individual unit heads. Currently we are looking into expanding the teleconferencing phone numbers to make available to more units.
    • For further guidance on security standards and a list of central services, please refer to this UBC site:
    • For updates on current outages, please refer here:


  • To access your Voicemail, dial 604-822-2010 and press #, and enter the last 5 digits of your UBC phone number and then your voicemail password.
  • UBC webmail link: can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
    • You’ll be asked to authenticate using Duo.
  • You can access Canvas by going to this link from any device: and logging in with your CWL credentials.
    • You’ll be asked to authenticate using Duo.
  • In order to access any UBC materials off-campus, please connect to the UBC myVPN service.
    • Login using your UBC CWL credentials.
    • If you are experiencing any issue logging onto the normal service, as a temporary mitigation, UBC has a backup VPN server that you can connect to:
  • Accessing shared files can also be done by mapping a connection to Teamshare.
    • This still requires a VPN connection.
    • The SPPH Teamshare location is: \\\TEAM\SPPH\COREYour username to login is EAD\<CWL USERNAME>
      • The username/password is not your CWL information, but a custom password provided to you directly.
      • If you can’t remember the password, contact to get it reset.
    • On Windows, you will have to select More choices and then enter EAD\CWL <USERNAME>
    • On Macs, the path is smb://
  • To access Workspace, go to and for Group ID, enter UBC and then your CWL credentials.
  • For Adobe Acrobat DC, please see this link:
  • To use Skype for Business for collaboration, download the Windows or Mac version depending on your system.

      *Note – for all online/shared systems, please be mindful of your usage.

  • Minimize using multiple systems concurrently where possible, and please ensure you’re logging out of systems when activities/tasks are completed.
  • As we experienced previously, the high volumes of activity is putting a heavy burden on the UBC systems and posing disruptions – thank you all in advance for this courtesy to our colleagues.

HR/Finance/Central administration for SPPH

We have moved our central HR, Finance and Administration support to remote operations starting Monday, March 23rd.

  • Financial Analysts are now operating remotely– email requests are recommended.
  • For all SPPH financial administration:
    • Email requests/submissions are recommended.
    • A special approval process for invoices and expenses has been approved during UBC’s COVID-19 response:

      • Central A/P has implemented a special approval process to accept email approvals for invoices and expenses and scanned or photo supporting documentation.
      • Each approver  will now be able to give their authorization via email.
      • Please contact our financial administrator via email if you have any questions.
  • Please note that all submissions currently in queue or processed as per departmental cut-off Year End schedule will be sent for final review/processing.
  • All requests for accruals will be collected until noon on March 25th.

All units that submit to central UBC Finance can continue to adhere to posted Year End deadlines found here:

  • HR and IT:
    • Email requests/submissions are recommended.
    • Hourly payroll submissions will continue as per normal procedures.
    • Online/teleconference/virtual meeting requests are recommended on an as-needed basis.
    • If you have any requests/assistance needed from our IT team, please submit an IT Request via our online ticketing system found on our main page under the “Submit IT Request”  button.
  • The Service Centre will be closed for the duration of the remote working arrangement:
    • Our service centre staff (Michaela) has been redeployed for core administrative and leadership support.
    • If you require any assistance normally provided by the Service Centre, please submit your request for assistance via email to
    • Contact information has been placed in the front lobby and north access doors for anyone arriving on site and needing assistance.
Thank you everyone for your patience
— Shannon
Shannon Charney
Director, Administration & Operations (DAO)