Dr. Sheps’ areas of specialty include clinical Epidemiology as a basic and applied science in medical research and clinical decision making: Developed Faculty of Medicine-wide residency training program in clinical epidemiology and critical appraisal; development and implementation of a health service research training program in collaboration with the University of Manitoba in 2001 funded by CHSRF, CIHR and AHFMR in 2001, expanded to 6 sites across western Canada with CIHR STIHR funding in 2009; director of the Western Regional Mentoring Centre and faculty member CHSRF EXTRA (Executive Training for Research Application) Mentoring Program- 2003-present: Assisting health care managers in using evidence for informing decision making; organization delivery and utilization of child health services; health Policy Research – particularly utilization management, procedure variation and appropriateness of health care utilization; patient safety and safety science.

Teaching commitments vary at SPPH.