He has done his MD (natural toxicities, 1996, MUMS), MPH (surveillance system for overdoses, 2001, TUMS), non-graduating MSc in Epidemiology (race & ethnicity, 2002, University of Edinburgh, UK), and PhD (opioid toxicities, 2005, University of Edinburgh).

He acts as the Editor-in-Chief; Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Toxicology, and electronically publishes a BC Toxicology News Monthly Bulletin (BCTOX)

He was awarded 2007 The World Academy of Sciences TWAS young scientist – Affiliate in biology/medicine.

His interests include toxicology in population level and environmental Toxicology in particular on heavy metals and other chemicals in water, soil, air and consumer products and illicit drugs.

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phone: 6047072462
655 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R4
SPPH 533 Toxicology and Public Health