My name is Oscar L. Olvera Astivia. I have a PhD in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology (MERM) from the University of British Columbia.

I am also an affiliated member of the Structural Equation Modeling lab in the Quantitative Methods program, so I divide my time as best as I can between both programs. As of today, I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Human Early Learning Partnership.

MERM is an intersection of Psychometrics, Statistics and research methods for the social sciences, particularly in the fields of Psychology and Education. I tend to gravitate towards the more ‘statistics-oriented’ side of research methods, so I really, really like everything that has to do with data analysis, Monte Carlo simulations, computer algorithms, etc. which goes along with my background in Math/Stats.

My areas of expertise are Structural Equation Modelling, linear mixed models, Item Response Theory, some stuff about Bayesian methods, etc.

1902-1650 Bayshore Drive
Vancouver, B.C.
Teaching commitments vary at SPPH