My research focuses on maximizing the value we obtain from health care. Not only the value that patients derive from their own care and treatment options, but the value the whole population derives from the public investment in healthcare.

To this end, I study and apply a field called decision science. Where most fields of health research focus on producing new knowledge – through better evidence and new treatments and technologies – decision science studies how people (patients, clinicians, policy makers…) make choices and how they can make better choices with current knowledge recognizing the presence of uncertainty, complexity, cognitive biases and competing values.

I am particularly interested in: Economic evaluation, Valuation of health, Network meta-analysis, Shared decision-making and Work productivity

I have previously completed a Postdoc at UBC, and a PhD at the University of Sheffield in Health Economics and Decision Sciences.

My publications can be found at here (pubmed) or here here (google scholar)

phone: 6048275453
Each year, I recruit up to 2 Masters or PhD students, typically advertised with fully funded studentships. Instructions and link for applying can be found below (if available). Please do not submit unsolicited enquiries outside of this process, unless you are a student from an Indigenous, Black or other racialized group, or specifically and actively working in areas of social justice, and believe my research area can be of help. As a white male settler, I recognize the privilege I have experience, and am committed to supporting a new generation of leaders from diverse backgrounds. I will seek to provide these students with committee members from similar racialized groups who can act as mentors. Please email me directly.
Student positions: Postdoc available – please visit HSIF at CIHR and search for Canadian Blood Services
SPPH 514 Decision Analysis in Health care
SPHA 542 Operations and Logistics