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I have always loved teaching, games of chance, and during my undergraduate studies I began to fall in love with the field of statistical sciences (currently being re-branded as “data science”).

I am excited about the rapid changes in technology we are currently living through, and am always looking for ways to incorporate these new technologies into the classroom. The days of traditional lecture-based classes are over, and I look forward to the opportunity to continually turn the classroom into a more dynamic learning environment.

I also believe that learning to understand statistical methodology is not nearly as difficult as many believe it is!

phone: 6048271596
Room 263, 2206 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
SPPH Statistics Prep Course
MHA Statistics Prep Course
SPPH 400DL Statistics for Health Research – Distributed Learning
SPPH 400 Statistics for Health Research
SPPH 500DL Analytic Methods in Epidemiological Research – Distributed Learning
SPPH 500 Analytic Methods in Epidemiological Research
SPHA 555 Biostatistics
DSCI 552 Statistical Inference and Computing I
MEDD 419 Foundations of Scholarship