Burgess actively collaborates on the design and implementation of deliberative public engagement, with over 20 deliberative events in Canada, Australia and the US.

Current CIHR-funded deliberative projects include childhood vaccine policy (PI: K O’Doherty), research data access and learning health systems (PI: Kim McGrail) and funding decisions for cancer drugs (PI: Stuart Peacock). Burgess is also collaborating with colleagues on an approach to involving communities in the governance of remote and indigenous biobanks; with Dan Steel (UBC)on a SSHRC grant on the concept of diversity, with Jacob Shelley (Western) and others on a CIHR grant on pharmacists’ responsibility regarding the sale of unhealthy foods, and with Barb Pesut (UBC) and colleagues on a CIHR grant on nurses’ perspectives on medical assistance in dying.

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239 Reichwald Health Sciences
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SPPH 538 Application of ethical theories in the practice of public health.
IGS 501 Interdisciplinary Topics in Research Methods and Analysis (Advanced ethical analysis)