Lorraine Greaves is a medical sociologist, and Senior Investigator and founding Executive Director at the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, a virtual research centre based in Vancouver.

She was also the founding Director of the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children in Ontario. She has worked in academic, government, education and NGO settings focused on the integration of sex, gender and equity in research, care, program and policy development.

She holds several CIHR grants in substance use, trauma, and gender; leading a policy-research partnership on cannabis prevention messaging with CIHR-HC; and co leading several pan Canadian projects integrating gender and trauma into the social care and substance use response systems in Canada. She has authored or co-authored 100+ articles and 11 books.

She is a Principal with Galvanizing Equity Group, an international consulting company devoted to generating gender transformative solutions for health and social initiatives.

phone: 6479929036
Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, c/o BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre Bag 48
4500 Oak St
Vancouver, BC
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