Dr. Carlsten is a Professor and Head of the Respiratory Medicine Division and holds the Astra-Zeneca Chair and Canada Research Chair in Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease.

He is the Director of the Air Pollution Exposure Laboratory and also holds adjunct positions with PWIAS, UBC SPPH and HLI.

The Carlsten laboratory is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary and focuses on the respiratory and immunological health effects of inhaled environmental and occupational exposures, using diesel exhaust, western red cedar, and phthalates as model inhalants. In particular, the lab uses controlled human exposures and genomics as translational tools to address the synergism due to co-exposure to inhaled particles and allergens in mediating health effects related to induction and exacerbation of airways disease.

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phone: 6048754729
7th Floor – Lung Centre, 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9
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