Dr. Richardson is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Population and Public Health where his research activities are focused on examining aspects of biopsychosocial development in adolescence (e.g., impulsivity, sensation seeking, resilience) and their relationships with patterns of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drug use.

He is also a Scientist with the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcomes Sciences at St. Paul’s Hospital where he leads the Psychosocial Epidemiology Program and works with the Inner City Youth Program (see http://mh.providencehealthcare.org/programs/inner-city-youth) on a variety of projects examining the role of mental illness, substance use and homelessness on the psycho-social functioning of street involved youth.

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Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
SPPH 502 Epidemiological Methods I
SPHA 551 Epidemiology
SPPH 545 DL1 (Seminar) Community Health Promotion