The central theme of my research program, Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy Innovations (POPi), is the study of drug therapy with the goal of improving human health and quality of life.

I am interested in developing models for evaluating drug effectiveness, medication use models designed to improve patient health, and effective surveillance systems to improve the safe use of medication.

I have a particular interest in pediatric medicine and the variability in drug response. My labs use tools in pharmacogenomics, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacokinetics in order to develop a systems pharmacology approach to drug problems. On the clinical side, I have an interest in the clinical management of patients who experience serious adverse drug reactions.

POPi contributes to solving the international drug policy crisis on the public policy level (federal and provincial) and clinical policy level through knowledge translation.

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phone: 6048752179
BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute
A3-212 950 West 28th Ave
Vancouver, BC
PCTH 404 Methods in Modern Pharmacology (Drug Assay and Pharmacometrics)
PHAR 448 Pharmaceutical Toxicity
MEDG 530 Human Genetics