My research focuses on the social determinants of mental health and well-being in various populations, including children and youth and individuals who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

Currently, I examine how risk and protective factors at different ecological levels (i.e., family, school, neighbourhood) are associated with mental health and well-being outcomes in children and youth. A major purpose of my research is to identify modifiable factors of mental health disorders to inform prevention and interventions strategies. This research draws from large-scale linked datasets, including student- and teacher-reported survey data as well as administrative health and education data.

A second focus of my research is on the development and validation of measures of well-being and quality of life.

I completed a PhD in psychometrics at UBC and received postdoctoral training in psychiatric epidemiology at Harvard Medical School and in population and public health at CHEOS and HELP (SPPH, UBC).

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