Andrew Coldman is an Emeritus Scientist in the Cancer Control Research department and the BC Cancer Research Centre.

He was the Vice President for Population Oncology at the BC Cancer Agency (BC Cancer) and was responsible for cancer screening and prevention programs.

Since retiring from administration he continues to undertake research in the areas of cancer screening and microsimulation models of cancer interventions in Canada. He is co-principal investigator of the HPV FOCAL trial which has enrolled over 25,000 women and is a unique RCT of the implementation of HPV screening for cervical cancer within a Canadian screening program.

He is an associate of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and chairs the Colorectal Cancer Group within the OncoSim platform. OncoSim is a multi-cancer type microsimulation model of cancer calibrated to Canadian disease incidence and costs which provides a resource to investigators who wish to investigate the effects of diverse interventions.
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