Dr. Alisa Almas is a Research Associate at the Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP).

Her research focuses on social development across childhood and adolescence, with a special interest in children in at-risk or atypical populations. She examines how children’s abilities to negotiate new peer groups and form high quality friendships buffer the impact of early risk factors on their social success.

In addition, Dr. Almas investigates the early experiences children have with peers, and the impact of these on trajectories of social and emotional development over time. Dr. Almas leads the CHEQ Project at HELP, developing and validating a population-level tool (The Childhood Experiences Questionnaire or CHEQ) for assessing the experiences children have prior to Kindergarten across multiple domains of development.

phone: 6048271518
School of Population and Public Health
Suite 440 – 2206 East Mall
Vancouver, BC
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