National Day of Mourning



April 28 is a national day of mourning to remember workers who lost their lives on the job. The death of each worker is an immeasurable loss and has devastating consequences for families and friends. And each death is preventable. This year, the day of mourning is especially significant given the many essential and healthcare workers who have lost their lives due to workplace COVID-19 exposure.

Normally, we would have the opportunity to meet in person and remember those who have died and, reflect on how we can work together to make workplaces safer. As with so many meaningful events we are not able to meet in person this year. However, we invite the SPPH community to join together in a moment of silence at 10:30 am April 28th to remember those who have died while working.

You may also wish take part in an online ceremony or memorial, a list of which can be found in the link here.