MHA Alumni, Marcus Blouw

UBC SPPH’s MHA Alumni Dr. Marcus Blouw (Class of 2015) shares his experience at MHA and how it helped him achieve his career goal.

Dr. Marcus Blouw – Class of 2015

MHA Alumni, Marcus Blouw

Physician, University of Manitoba

Current Positions
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Program Director, Critical Care Fellowship
Service Chief, Respiratory Inpatient Unit, Health Sciences Centre

My responsibilities at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg include clinical appointments to the sections of Adult Respirology and Critical Care Medicine along with clinical research. Improving patient care through more efficient workflow and improved workplace communication are my interests. Since completion of the MHA program, I have taken larger administrative roles in my workplace.

The MHA cultivated both the broad knowledge base and the mindset required to serve as a leader in a variety of health care settings.

Working with clinical teams, leading administrative groups, collaborating for research projects, and serving as a board member for Winnipeg’s tertiary care centres have all become part of a post-MHA weekly routine. Commuting between Winnipeg and Vancouver for the coursework was difficult, but also very rewarding. While working full-time with the Master of Health Administration Program made for a very busy schedule, it also encouraged efficiency and pragmatism. Completing the MHA from another city is very possible. You might even find yourself making lasting connections with other classmates who make the pilgrimage to and from the airport.

By far, the most rewarding aspect of the MHA program was my relationship with my classmates. Nowhere else can you have such intelligent, lively discussion with such a wonderful group of people in a classroom followed by absolute hilarity outside of the classroom.

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