MHA Alumni, Jennifer Krempien

Program Manager, Inter Campus Operations, BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Jennifer Krempien has always loved being part of a team.

A longtime member of Canada’s national women’s wheelchair basketball team, Krempien is a five-time Paralympian, who won three consecutive Paralympic gold medals and four straight World Championships. Pursuing her hoop dreams, she says, helped her develop the tools necessary to thrive in a team environment.

Following her retirement from competitive sports, Krempien focused on a career in health care.

Graduating from the MHA in 2018 helped her transition from being part of a team to leading one.

“I think what I gained from the MHA program was exposure to a whole box of tools, a very deep and broad set of tools,” she says. “I’m confident that I can draw on those tools to get me to a successful end.”

Krempien initially envisioned a career that leaned toward academia and research, but her passion for health care and her knack for collaboration took her in a different direction.

In her current role as Program Manager of Inter Campus Operation at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital, Krempien helps lead a variety of site-wide initiatives and projects in addition to operational leadership of clinical support services.

Krempien says the MHA helped her solidify a work philosophy that was inspired, in part, by Tim Frick, her longtime coach on Canada’s women’s wheelchair basketball coach. “He instilled in us that everybody has something to offer and it’s our job to figure out everyone’s strengths and build on that,” she says.

“We are all in this together. We are a family and we’re on a journey together. I can’t think of a better description of life in health care.”

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