Improving Population Health Information Interventions via Mixed Methods Research

Title: Improving Population Health Information Interventions via Mixed Methods Research

Date: Tuesday November 24 2020

Time: 1pm – 2pm (PST)

Link to Public Seminar Webinar

Dr. Devon Greyson

Abstract: Population health information interventions (PHIIs) use surveillance and communication in efforts to understand and improve health and health equity. For example, immunization information systems capture and record population vaccine coverage, while vaccine promotion communications encourage uptake of recommended vaccinations. To be effective, PHIIs must align with the information practices of target populations. The needs, values, and trust of these populations must be accounted for in planning and implementation of ethical PHIIs. This seminar will describe studies within a mixed method program of research aimed at improving the effectiveness and ethics of PHIIs targeting pregnant and parenting populations on contested topics such as vaccination and perinatal cannabis use. In addition to methods and findings, attention will be paid to knowledge translation and the impacts of this research on clinical and public health policy and practice.

Bio: Dr. Devon Greyson is Assistant Professor of Health Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Cross-trained in information science and public health, Dr. Greyson has published 45 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Health Promotion International, Social Science & Medicine, CMAJ Open, Vaccine, Critical Public Health, and BMC Public Health. Dr. Greyson’s work investigates the role of information in health behaviour, and the ways health information systems and policies act to exacerbate or alleviate disparities. An advanced qualitative and mixed methodologist, Dr. Greyson frequently uses constructivist grounded theory, ethnographic methods, and qualitative thematic and discourse analysis in conjunction with quantitative survey and secondary health data. Dr. Greyson is the originator of Information World Mapping, an arts-based data elicitation method that has since been taken up by scholars in both information science and public health in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Serbia, Australia, and Taiwan. Dr. Greyson’s Canadian research has been supported by CIHR, SSHRC, MSFHR, and topic-specific public funders such as the British Columbia Immunization Committee and the Canadian Immunization Research Network. Current projects in Dr. Greyson’s research program focus on vaccine confidence and uptake, cannabis use decisions in pregnancy and lactation, and mitigating the impacts of online and coordinated medical disinformation campaigns.



Greyson, D., Knight, R., & Shoveller, J. A. (2019). Ethics, effectiveness and population health information interventions: A Canadian analysis. Health Promotion International, 34(3), 501-509. (Winner of the Ilona Kickbusch Award for Best Article by an Early Career Researcher.)

Greyson, D. (2019). Population health information interventions. Plain language summary,

Dr. Greyson’s Youtube video on Mixed Methods Research in Population and Public Health Sciences can be viewed below: