Looking for a supervisor?

The following Faculty are available to supervise students for the 2018-19 academic year.
If you are applying for the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy program in Population and Public Health, you should review these profiles to identify a potential supervisor. Unless indicated, the Faculty listed on this page are looking to supervise PhD and MSc PPH students. Faculty members with an * next to their name are eligible to co-supervise students in partnership with SPPH faculty who are members of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS).

David Patrick

Research Area: Discovery and clinical research in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; epidemiology of antibiotic use and resistance
Funding: TBD


Jacek Kopec (Masters Students Only)

Research Area: Hip pain; physical activity; femoroacetabular impingement
Funding: Stipend from a research grant




Trevor Dummer

Research Area: Cancer prevention; health geography; built environment; environmental risk factors; community knowledge translation
Funding: TBD


Helen Tremlett*

Research Area: Multiple sclerosis


Viviane Dias Lima (Masters Students Only)

Research Area: HIV epidemiology; Aging; Comorbidities; Statistical and Mathematical Modelling
Funding: Stipend from a CIHR grant

Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes (Masters Students Only)

Research Area: Public health and substance use, with a focus on testing alternative approaches to expand and diversify the treatments offered; testing treatments for long-term opioid dependency; NAOMI (North America’s first heroin-assisted treatment trial); SALOME (randomized double-blind non-inferiority clinical trial testing hydromorphone and diacetylmorphine (i.e., pharmaceutical grade heroin) for severe opioid use disorder). MSc students interested in studying any of the aspects related to substance use and addictive behaviours, from policy to mental health, welcome.
Funding: TBD


Erica Frank

Concentration: Action research on the population health effects of: providing free health sciences education; improving physicians’ personal health habits; enhancing the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of the built environment
Research Area: Global health sciences education, physicians’ personal and clinical prevention habits, sustainability in the built environment
Funding: TBD


Rosemin Kassam

Concentration: Local and Global health, community-based research
Research Area: Child and maternal health, women’s health, and senior’s health. Primary health care with a specific focus on global health, access and use of medicines and health services among vulnerable populations, community readiness, improving patient/client self-efficacy to engage effectively in their health care processes and decision-making, implementation and evaluation of patient care and health promotion programs, and capacity building of current and future frontline health professionals.
Funding: TBD


Eva Oberle

Concentration: Positive Youth Development, thriving in childhood, school-based mental health and wellbeing
Research Area: Understanding and promoting health and wellbeing in schools; social and emotional learning in schools, supportive relationships and thriving in childhood; program evaluation; quantitative research; whole-child-development; population level research; social determinants of wellbeing.
Funding: TBD


Brenda Poon

Concentration: Early years of the life course; child development
Research Area: Community-level determinants of health, population-level interventions supporting children and families, program evaluation, qualitative research, special needs/disabilities, models of service delivery
Funding: Potential GRA funding


Nichole Fairbrother*

Research Area: Maternal perinatal anxiety disorders; epidemiology; fear of childbirth; postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder
Funding: TBD



Quynh Doan*

Research Area: Paediatric emergency medicine; child and youth mental health in the ED
Funding: Some funding



Richard Lester

Concentration: Global health, infectious diseases
Research Area: Mobile health (mHealth)
Funding: CIHR, NIH, Michael Smith Foundation, CTN


Nick Bansback (Masters Students Only)

Concentration: Health Economics
Research Area: Cost-effectiveness; patient decision making
Funding: student stipend


Stirling Bryan

Concentration: Health economics
Research Area: Economic evaluation of radiology in BC
Funding: Yes


Michael Law

Concentration: Health Services and Policy Research
Research Area: Pharmaceutical policy
Funding: Possible CIHR funds


Kimberlyn McGrail

Research Area: Health systems research and policy evaluations; aging; health care costs; health information
Funding: Available for student support


Boris Sobolev

Research Area: A population-based study of hip fracture surgical wait times and associated outcomes. Benefits include exposure to a multidisciplinary approach, participation in collaborative on-the-job training in both academic and non-academic settings, and acquisition of skills to communicate research results to practitioners
Funding: Possible funds from Canadian Collaborative Study on Hip Fractures


Daniel Steel

Research Area: Ethical issues related to science and policy (e.g., the precautionary principle, sponsorship bias, diversity in science)
Funding: Graduate Research Assistantship through SSHRC Insight Grant



Jason Sutherland

Concentration: Health Services and Policy Research
Funding: TBA



Jeff Brubacher (Prospective PhD Students)*

Concentration: Population health; road safety
Research Area: Traffic policy evaluation, driver based risk factors for crashing, injury outcome, road trauma surveillance
Funding: TBD
Contact (also CC Dr. Herbert Chan)


Bruce Carleton*

Concentration: Pharmaceutical outcomes
Research Area: Molecular epidemiology in the determination of clinical and genomic predictors of adverse drug reactions; pharmacoepidemiology; public health surveillance systems for drug safety
Funding: Internal; External award opportunities possible


Corinne Hohl*

Concentration: Drug safety and effectiveness; adverse drug event reporting; health data
Research Area: Adverse drug event surveillance; clinical prediction tools for adverse drug events; validation of adverse drug event outcomes in administrative data and PharmaNet
Funding: Yes, if DSEN-related topic


Judy Illes*

Concentration: Neuroethics
Research Area: Biomedical ethics, neuroscience, populations and public health
Funding: CIHR, other

Michael Brauer

Concentrations: Environmental health
Research Areas: Air quality, healthy community design, global health and environment
Funding: Possible graduate research assistant positions
Publications: State of Global Air 2017, Transboundary health impacts of transported global air pollution and international trade, Ambient Air Pollution Exposure Estimation for the Global Burden of Disease 2013


Matilda van den Bosch

Concentrations: Environment and health; public health and environmental management
Research Areas: Health effects of various environmental exposures, including health benefits from natural environments; linkage of land use/geographical data to population health data to investigate associations between environmental exposure and health; and healthy cities and climate change related morbidity
Funding: Possible funding for Master’s research project in 2017/2018 for studies using remote sensing and geospatial data in combination with health data
Publications: No time to lose – Green the cities now, Urban green spaces and health – a review of evidence


Chris Carlsten

Concentrations: Occupational and environmental aspects of airway health and disease
Research Areas: Respiratory and immunological health effects of traffic-related air pollution, gene-environment interactions related to inhaled exposures
Funding: Possible graduate research assistant and post-doctoral positions
Publications: Effect of diesel exhaust inhalation on blood markers of inflammation and neurotoxicity: a controlled, blinded crossover study


Mieke Koehoorn

Concentrations: Occupation health/occupational epidemiology
Research Areas: workers’ compensation policies and programs, work disability, and gender, work and health
Funding: Possible graduate research assistant positions
Publications: Gender Inequalities in Access to Health Care among Adults Living in British Columbia, Canada, Characteristics of work-related fatal and hospitalised injuries not captured in workers’ compensation data


Hugh Davies

Concentrations: Occupation & environmental exposure assessment & epidemiology
Research Areas: Noise and chronic disease; Exposure databases; occupational health in construction
Funding: Possible graduate research assistant positions in 2017 related to occupational health in Construction and environmental noise studies.


Lawrence Frank

Concentrations: Sustainable Transportation; Health and Community Design; Urban Sprawl and Public Health
Research Areas: Interaction between land use, travel behavior, air quality; and health; and in the energy use, and climate change impacts of urban form policies.
Funding: TBD
Publications: Evaluating Changes in Travel Patterns, Perceptions of Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety, Health and Sense of Community from the Comox-Helmcken Greenway: A Pre-Post Assessment