Program Planning and Evaluation – SPHA 553

In today’s complex health care environment, decision-makers need to understand how best to allocate resources. Using the proper tools for program planning and evaluation leads to better decisions that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care services, and ultimately better outcomes for patients.

SPHA 553 (MHA Year Two) involves developing a program plan and an evaluation proposal with a health care context. This course will introduce learners to the major activities and processes involved in planning and evaluating a health program. Key competencies for evaluation practice specified by the Canadian Evaluation Society are emphasized.

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Instructor Profile

Dr. Lovato

Dr. Chris Lovato

Dr. Chris Lovato

Professor, School of Population and Public Health

Founding Director, Evaluation Studies Unit, Faculty of Medicine, UBC

Dr. Lovato’s primary areas of expertise are in health promotion, population health and program evaluation.  My research focuses on evaluating the impact of health programs and policies, particularly in the areas of cancer prevention and health services.  She is also conducting studies to evaluate the impact of medical school initiatives implemented in response to health care professional shortages in rural, remote and northern regions of Canada.


Graham Shaw

Graham Shaw

PhD Candidate, School of Population and Public Health

Before arriving to Canada, Graham lived and worked in Australia as a registered psychologist where he participated in program design and evaluation in programs in schools and prisons. His work experience in Australia included an appointment with the Queensland state government in the Department of Communities delivering training to managers of community programs and agencies working to support disadvantaged and marginalized groups. Now in Canada for 6 years, he is completing a PhD in the School of Population and Public Health and has worked for four years with Dr. Chris Lovato delivering education and training in Program Planning and Evaluation. More recently he has been active in evaluations in medical education and physician engagement. Graham’s enthusiasm for evaluation as a vital part of creating healthier societies continues to grow. Graham is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and the American Evaluation Association.