IT for Management – SPHA 543

From e-health apps to eletronic health records, health information technology permeates throughout people’s lives. Health care managers  must be equipped to pinpoint the techniques and methods to evaluate information systems including forecasting, planning, design, requirements determination, procurement, development and assessment from an electronic environment perspective.

SPHA 543 IT for Management (MHA Year One) will give students a a solid understanding of how information systems and technologies are used in health care. Students will examine components of health informatics, strategies, stakeholders, and policies in Canada.

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Instructor Profile

Julie Kim

Julie Kim

Adjunct Professor, Management Information Systems Division, Sauder School of Business

Julie Kim is a healthcare technology advisor, consultant, and educator. She has worked with over 60 organizations in Canada and the United States. These include provincial and regional organizations, hospitals, technology vendors, community organizations and more. She has a very broad and deep background (both technical and business-oriented). Her experience includes roles as a project manager, strategic advisor, facilitator, communications lead, change management expert, end-user trainer, applications developer, systems tester, report writer, technology procurement lead, and more. Her current specialties include: impacts and benefits evaluation, primary care, complex interventions, change management, facilitation and strategy.