Beyond your courses

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Student Life at UBC

As part of your time as a student at UBC, you will be part of a tight-knit community of scholars. We hope that by taking part in Grand Rounds (held once a month on Friday mornings in the Fall and Winter terms) and the PhD Research Seminar (SPPH 607, held every Friday morning in Term 1), you will stretch your capabilities as a scholar as well as receive encouragement and fellowship in a welcoming community.

You can also make the most of what the campus has to offer beyond SPPH, whether it’s the vast array of workshops and career-oriented information sessions, pot luck lunches, sports days, yoga classes, coffee socials, beaches within five minutes’ walk, a gorgeous, tree-lined campus, a sweeping view of the surrounding, snow-capped mountains, and the general laid back and friendly attitude of Vancouver.

Grand Rounds

A monthly seminar series where presenters are both faculty and guest speakers, and where each Division of the School is welcome to host a session. These are a great way to gain insight into the many disciplines at the School, and the ongoing innovative research.

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PhD Research Seminar (SPPH 607)

In-depth discussions about student research and introductions to special topics, such as ethics and management of research. This is a fantastic way to take part in interdisciplinary learning, a key aspect when it comes to fostering understanding and respect.