The minimum number of credits required for the MSc Program is 30 credits.

Students in the MSc must maintain at least a 76 percent (B+) average in course work. In addition, note the definition of satisfactory progress of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Core Courses

These courses are required of all MSc students:

  • SPPH 400 (3) Statistics for Health Research
  • SPPH 500 (3) Analytical Methods in Epidemiological Research
  • SPPH 502 (3) Epidemiological Methods I
  • SPPH 507 (1.5) M.Sc. Research Seminar (Rounds and Research in Progress)
  • SPPH 599 (12) M.Sc. Thesis

At least one of the following courses:

  • SPPH 503 (3) Epidemiological Methods II
  • SPPH 506 (3) Quantitative Research Methods
  • SPPH 519 (3) Qualitative Methods in Health Research Design

If you have taken an equivalent course previously, you can ask for an exemption, except for SPPH 507. If you want to check whether you are eligible for an exemption, please contact the course instructor before the first class is held.

Should you receive an exemption, you will still need to register for the course, which will show on your transcript as ‘EX’. It’s important to note that this will not reduce the total credits required for the degree – you will need to substitute the same number of credits by taking a different course.


Electives should be chosen, with the advice of the thesis supervisor and thesis committee. They may be chosen from the list of SPPH courses or from other University courses. Those interested in specializing within School areas of expertise can select courses from the Concentration Courses.