Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation

Sylvie Deliencourt, Patrick Grydziuszko, Julie Ho

Patrick Grydziuszko and Julie Ho receive their CHE designation.

MHA graduates Patrick Grydziuszko and Julie Ho earned their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation shortly after being awarded their MHA degree, affirming their knowledge and experience as health care leaders.

CCHLUBC’s MHA program, in partnership with the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), provides MHA graduates with advanced standing towards earning their Certified Health Executive (CHE) designation, Canada’s only professional credential available to health leaders. For Julie Ho, a Project Manager with UBC, the MHA and CHE designations set her up for a shift towards project management roles from her previous roles as a lab and research technologist. With it’s emphasis on leadership development, Julie writes that the MHA courses are a natural fit for the CHE, “It is certainly a bonus that the Leads in Action project is satisfied by the MHA 590 project, but I also found the MHA course material to be fairly relevant to the CHE exam”. Along with the CHE program, MHA students can take part in the mentorship program offered through the association, something that Patrick Grydziusko also took part in during his studies. Patrick is currently a Residence Life Manager at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

CHE Application Requirements

The collaboration between the College and the MHA can ensure their respective programs continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of health leaders. Students in the MHA can fulfill their requirements for the CHE designation while earning their MHA degree. 

 Eligibility Criteria CHE Regular Applicant Requirements MHA Applicant Requirements
Application and fee Masters or Baccalaureate degree Must enroll in the CHE Program before graduating from the MHA
Work Experience 2 years of Canadian Health Leadership Experience (Master’s) or 5 years (Baccalaureate) including a PLAR 2 years of Canadian Health Leadership Experience (includes relevant co-op/residency placements)
CHE Program Fee $970.95 CDN* $519.91 CDN*
LEADS Online Self-Assessment Required Required
Career Development Plan Required Required
CHE Online Exam Required Required
LEADS in Action Project Required Met through SPHA 590 project

*Fees subject to change

Full details of the application steps and timeline are outlined under CHE OVERVIEW Guidelines. Please submit the CHE Application Form along with a detailed résumé and all other required documents. To apply for the CHE program, you must be a member of the college.

The MHA and CHE strategic partnership reflects the College’s and UBC’s School of Population and Public Health’s commitment to fostering leadership development for health leaders. Each year, graduating students in the MHA program receive an invitation to apply. Students must complete the CHE program requirements within three years from graduation from the MHA program. Details on the CHE application are online.