Remote Students

MHA students who live outside the local area can write exams for MHA courses remotely by obtaining a proctor to invigilate exams in their hometown. Review the student and proctor requirements outlined on this page when making your arrangements. Please complete the MHA Exam Proctor Guidelines 2018 and submit to the MHA Program Office.


The proctor must be in a professional relationship with the student and must be pre-approved by the program. For example, a librarian, an employer or a colleague. The proctor cannot be a family member, spouse or personal friend.

Remote Exam Locations

All exams must be written on the same day and time (PST) as the rest of the students. All exams are written on Saturdays and start at 9:00 am (PST). Suggested locations to write remote exams are public libraries or conference rooms. Exams should be held in a quiet & private room with only the proctor and the student present. Exams can not be written at the student’s home. Proctors must be accessible via email during the exam period.

Student Responsibility

Students who write their exams remotely are responsible for ensuring their exam is received, including the cost of delivery to the MHA Program. Students should provide the proctor with an addressed envelope to mail the completed exam. It must be sent on the same day. We recommend using Xpresspost or any other prepaid envelope with a tracking number to ensure it’s delivery to the program office.  Exams must be received by the MHA Program within 5 working days from the exam date or it will be considered as unwritten if it can not be traced and located.  Students will not be given the opportunity to take a make-up exam in this situation.

Proctor Responsibility

Once the proctor information has been received and approved,  they will be contacted three or four days before the scheduled exam. Exams are sent directly to the proctor via email. Proctors must acknowledge the receipt of the exam and must also contact the program when the exam has been sent via courier. Any questions regarding the exam can be directed to the course instructor or to the MHA Program Office.