MHA Student Responsibilities

All MHA students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with program-specific and university policies during their studies at UBC. It is important that students understand what is required for the successful completion of your program and the policies that guide your academic and non-academic experiences as a UBC graduate student.

Attendance to MHA classes

Attendance to all classes are mandatory. Given the condensed format of the courses over two weekends, students who are not able to attend classes must plan to retake the course the following year. If you expect to miss any classes, contact the Program Manager asap to discuss the consequences to your degree progression. It will be at the instructor’s discretion for whether a missed class can be accommodated. Students can also review the university policy on attendance and academic concession for circumstances that may adversely affect their attendance or performance in a course or program.

Attendance to MHA classes are restricted for MHA students only.

Academic Honesty and Standards

When you register as a UBC graduate student for the first time, you have initiated a contract with the University and are committing to the University’s Student Declaration and Responsibility. As such, all UBC students are expected to behave as honest and responsible members of an academic community. The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides further information on the universities policies on academic and non-academic misconduct, including dealing with plagiarism.

Program Progression

As per the Faculty of Graduate Studies policy on Satisfactory Progress, MHA students must obtain a minimum of 60% in all courses to be granted pass standing. Only 6 credits of courses (4 SPHA courses) with grades in the C to C+ range (60-67%) may be counted towards a master’s program. For all other courses, a minimum of 68% must be obtained.

Where a grade of less than 60% (C) is obtained in a course, and on the recommendation of the graduate program and the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the student may repeat a course for higher standing or take an alternate course. You must obtain a minimum mark of 74% on repeated courses.

Continuous Registration

Once admitted to the MHA program, students must register for courses to accept their offer and begin their studies. Students must remain continuously registered until the degree is completed. Any interruptions to a student’s registration must be approved by the program, including a leave of absence. Failure to register for two consecutive terms may result in the student being required to withdraw. It is strongly recommended that students contact the program for advising on their degree progression if any interruption is expected.

Grading Practices

For all UBC Master’s students registered in the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, a fail (F) is defined as below 60%. A detailed grading scale is published online.


Upon completion of all program requirements, students must make a formal application for graduation. To apply for graduation online and review other details for program completion, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

Other requirements for graduation include receiving grades for all courses taken and a financial account that is settled in full.

Students in the MHA program must have completed and received a grade for the Research Project (SPHA 590) prior to applying for graduation.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies at UBC are held twice a year, with a Fall (November) and Spring (May) congregation. Details including dates and deadlines, ceremonies information and tickets are outlined on the Ceremonies and Events website.

Most of our students work full-time while completing the MHA program. The course work and structure of the program is designed to accommodate working professionals with courses offered only on the weekends.

No. All MHA courses are designed and delivered for the degree and students must complete all the courses offered to meet the requirements for graduation.

Attendance to all classes are mandatory. Given the condensed format of the courses over two weekends, students who are not able to attend classes must plan to retake the course the following year. Please contact us if you expect to miss any classes as noted on the schedule for the academic year. Students can also review the university policy on attendance and academic concession for circumstances that may adversely affect their attendance or performance in a course or program.

Review the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies policy on Leave of Absences, and send a rationale to the Program Manager, noting the specific type of leave required and the specific dates you will need to be away from the program. You may want to also discuss the timelines for your leave and how it affects your degree progression. Students must also pay a Leave of Absence fee to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

UBC students can graduate in May or November. Information on steps to apply for graduation are outlined by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Students apply to graduate through the SSC and can check the UBC Calendar for the application deadlines for spring and fall convocation dates. MHA students are encouraged to speak with MHA program staff regarding any questions on degree progression and graduation.

Students in the MHA program come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. Most of our students are already employed across the healthcare sector in hospitals, physician’s offices, pharmaceutical companies, consulting, government and public policy, to name a few. Our graduates go on to pursue diverse careers upon graduation, either augmenting their clinical training with expertise in business administration and continue to focus on providing and improving patient care. Others move into areas of business leadership and specialize in areas like quality improvement in full-time administrative roles.

Learn more about our alumni and read their profiles online.