Looking for a supervisor?

Contacting a Potential Supervisor

The best way to find a potential supervisor is to study the individual biographies and research interests of our faculty members. Check the list below for faculty who have indicated they are available to supervise in the next academic year. In addition, you can approach faculty who have not indicated availability if their research interests are closely aligned with your own.

Send a professional email to the faculty member, introducing yourself and your research work in the same way that you would write a formal letter applying for a job. Address your message to the individual faculty member. Do not send a blanket email to every faculty member in the school. Take the time to find out who shares your research interests and approach only those individuals.

Tell your potential supervisor about yourself and your research, and why you think this individual would be the best person to supervise your research if you were a successful applicant to the program. If you have publications or you’ve won awards, please mention these as well. You may attach a CV to your email, but please don’t attach anything else.

If the faculty member is interested in discussing supervision with you further, they will be in touch. If you do not receive a response after a reasonable amount of time, you may send a gentle reminder. But if you still don’t receive a response, it likely means that individual is not able to take on any more students at the moment, or your research focus does not align itself closely enough to that person’s current research.

Available to supervise

Available to co-supervise or serve on committees

These faculty are eligible to co-supervise students in partnership with SPPH faculty who are members of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS), pending approval of the MSc/PhD program director, or serve on committees.