Grand Rounds: Rats! Purveyors of pestilence or public health helpers?

Rats! Squealing, squirming, disease-ridden rodents, right? Or are they? Are rats disgusting bearers of plagues? Or are they public health indicators to which we should really be paying attention?

Just in time for Halloween, join SPPH as we run you through how animal, environmental, and human health are all linked.

Then, BCCDC’s Virology Laboratory program head Dr. Agatha Jassem will give you the run down on what nasties you can catch from our rodent cohabitants.

And PhD students, and Vancouver Rat Project researchers, Michael Lee and Kaylee Byers will discuss their work studying urban rat populations, including how rats might affect human health, how people perceive these furry critters, and just what a rat safari is.

Friday 27th October, 9am to 10am in Woodward 1, Instructional Resources Centre. Click here to RSVP.

Photo credit: Lindsay Elliott