PhD (Statistics), MSc (Statistics), BSc(Mathematics)
Room 134B, 2206 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T1Z3
phone: 6048225593

Dr. MacNab is an Associate Professor of Statistics in the UBC School of Public and Population Health, an Associate Member in the UBC Department of Statistics, and a Scientist at the BC Child and Family Research Institute.

Dr. MacNab’s research interests are Bayesian disease mapping, Bayesian paradigm, foundations of statistics, space-time statistics, structured statistical models, taxonomic models, item response theory, inductive reasoning, Bayesian burden of disease methodology, Geometics, Health service and population health geoinformation system, and meta-data innovation in medical and health research.

Selected papers

MacNab YC. On Gaussian Markov Random Fields and Bayesian disease mapping. Statistics Methods in Medical Research (to appear).

MacNab YC. On Bayesian shared component disease mapping and ecological regression with errors in covariates. Statistics in Medicine 2010; 29(11):1239-49.

MacNab YC, Malloy DC, Hadjistavropoulos T, Sevigny PR, McCarthy EF, Murakami M, Paholpak S. Shalani N, Liu P L. Idealism and relativism across cultures: A cross cultural examination of the factor structure of the Ethics Position Questionnaire among physicians. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology (to appear).

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Hypertension in Pregnancy. 2007; 26(4):447-62.

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MacNab YC and Dean CB. Parametric bootstrap and penalized quasilikelihood
inference in conditional autoregressive models, Statistics in Medicine 2000; 19(15/16): 15-30.

SPPH 501 Analysis of Longitudinal Data from Epidemiological Studies
SPPH 580 Statistical Methods in Spatial Epidemiology
SPPH 580 Bayesian Methods for Correlated Data
SPPH 580 Bayesian disease mapping & GIS
SPPH 580 Bayesian Biostatistics

Dr. MacNab’s research projects are funded by NSERC, CIHR, MSFHR, and BCCFRI