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My research aim is to integrate theoretical and empirical findings with health policies, services, and practices through the application of economic theories and methods in health research. I started my career as a health economist at Elizabeth Bruyère Research Institute in Ottawa. Then I moved to Vancouver in 2006 and worked at the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHÉOS).

I earned my master’s degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa and PhD in the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. I received postdoctoral training at CHÉOS and UBC.

Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences

Selected publications by research theme (full publications available at
Measurement and Valuation of Productivity Loss
• Zhang W, Sun H, Woodcock S, Anis AH. Valuing productivity loss due to absenteeism: Firm-level evidence from a Canadian linked employer-employee survey. Health Economics Review. 2017;7(1):3.
• Zhang W, McLeod C, Koehoorn M. The relationships between chronic conditions and absenteeism and associated costs in Canada. Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health. 2016;42(5):413-22.
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• Zhang W, Bansback N, Anis AH. Measuring and valuing productivity loss due to poor health: A critical review. Social Science & Medicine. 2011;72:185-92.
Economic Evaluation
• Bansback N, Fu E, Sun H, Guh D, Zhang W, Lacaille D, Milbers K, Anis AH. Do biologic therapies for rheumatoid arthritis offset treatment-related resource utilization and cost? A review of the literature and an instrumental variable analysis. Current Rheumatology Reports. 2017;19(9):54.
• Zhang W, Bansback N, Sun H, Pedersen R, Kotak S, Anis A. The impact of etanercept tapering on work productivity in patients with early Rheumatoid Arthritis: results from the PRIZE study. RMD Open. 2016;2(2):e000222.
• Sadatsafavi M, Rousseau R, Chen W, Zhang W, Lynd L, FitzGerald M; the Economic Burden of Asthma (EBA) study team. The preventable burden of productivity loss due to suboptimal asthma control: a population-based study. Chest. 2014 Apr;145(4):787-93.
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• Hogg W, Gray D, Huston P, Zhang W. The costs of preventing the spread of respiratory infection in family physician offices: a threshold analysis. BMC Health Services Research. 2007;7:181.
Health and Pharmaceutical Policy
• Zhang W, Sun H, Guh D, Anis A. The impact of price-cap regulations on market entry by generic pharmaceutical firms. Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research. 2016;27:1-8.
• Zhang W, Guh D, Sun H, Marra CA, Lynd L, Anis A. The impact of price-cap regulations on exit by generic pharmaceutical firms. Medical Care. 2016;54(9):884-90.
• Li X, Zhang W. The impacts of health insurance on health care utilization among older people in China. Social Science & Medicine. 2013;85:59-65.
Systematic Review
• Zhang W, Islam N, Ma C, Anis AH. Systematic review of cost-effectiveness analyses of treatments for psoriasis. Pharmacoeconomics. 2015;33(4):327-40.
• Guh DP, Zhang W, Bansback N, Amarsi Z, Birmingham CL, Anis AH. The incidence of co-morbidities related to obesity and overweight: A systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health. 2009;9:88.

SPPH 541 Economic Evaluation

My primary research interests include measurement and valuation of work productivity loss due to illness, economic evaluation of health care interventions, and pharmaceutical policy.

Research opportunities are available for Masters students under Wei’s supervision. Interested students should contact Wei with a CV and statement of interest.