Kelowna Health Centre
1340 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9N1
phone: 2508687849

Dr. Trevor Corneil is Vice President Population Health & Chief Medical Health Officer for the Interior Health Authority of BC.

His portfolio includes Executive Administration, Health Equity, Mental Health and Substance Use, Primary Care, and Statutory Applications. Dr. Corneil is also the Medical Director of Interior Health’s (IH) regional Seek and Treat for Optimal Prevention (STOP) HIV/AIDS Treatment as Prevention (TasP) program, and Clinical Director of the IH Opioid Overdose Emergency Response. In addition to his administrative work, Dr. Corneil provides clinical care to Kelowna’s inner-city population and sub-specialized care to persons who identify as transgender or gender variant.

Dr. Corneil received his BA and MD at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He then joined UBC for his residency training, receiving fellowships in Family Medicine, and Public Health and Preventative Medicine. Dr. Corneil also completed a Masters of Health Science degree in public health and epidemiology.

With a particular interest in marginalized and vulnerable populations, Dr. Corneil’s clinical, administrative, and academic work has focused on facilitating access to care for those who have difficulty integrating with our publicly administered health care system. To date, communities have included: street youth, transgender persons, those with HIV/AIDS, persons with significant mental health diagnoses, and those with substance use disorders. Over the course of 15 years, Dr. Corneil has facilitated the establishment of B.C.’s first perinatal addictions program, worked to develop a coordinated approach between BC’s health authorities and their youth shelters, played a key role in the development of the internationally renowned “Vancouver Model” of community based transgender care, and . He is currently co-implementing BC’s STOP HIV Treatment as Prevention program across BC’s interior region.


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Jan. 2015-Dec.2015: Vancouver Foundation; Sexual Health Knowledge and Intellectual Disability; Development Grant: $10,000CND: Principal Investigator: Rachelle Hole UBCO; Co-Investigators: Trevor Corneil, Leyton Schnellert, et al

Apr, 2011- Mar, 2016: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Reducing Health Inequities: The Contribution of Core Public Health Services in BC; $800,000CDN; Principal Investigators: Trevor Hancock, Marjorie A. MacDonald, Bernadette M. Pauly; Co-investigators: Trevor Corneil, et al

April 2013 – Mar 2014: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Framework for Action to Create Social Support Networks for 60+ Gay Men in BC; $25,000CDN; Principal Investigators: Robert Ablenas, et al; Co-investigators: Trevor Corneil et al

Oct, 2010 – Sep, 2013: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; The Anatomy of Adherence – how gender and the body structure hiv-positive poly-substance using people’s relationships to HIV medications; C; $198,000CDN; Principal Investigators: Treena Orchard, Robert Hogg, Co-investigators: Trevor Corneil, David Moore

Oct, 2010 – Sep, 2013: Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Effect of HAART expansion on community levels of HIV viral load and HIV.; C; $432,672CDN; Principal Investigators: Robert Hogg; Co-investigators: Trevor Corneil, David Moore, et al

Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Canadian HIV/STI prevention research network for men who have sex with men; $990,040CDN; Principal Investigators: David Moore, Joseph Cox, Trevor Hart, et al; Co-inverstigators: Mark Gilbert, Trevor Corneil, et al

Canadian Institutes of Health Research; The Second Chance Study: A mixed methods investigation into the effectiveness of take-home naloxone training for people at risk of opioid overdose; $300,000CND; Principal Investigators: Jane Buxton, Ruth Martin; Co-inverstigators: Bernadette Pauly, Trevor Corneil, et al