Chair, UBC Clinical Research Ethics Board (CREB)
Associate Chair, Providence Health Care Research Ethics Board (PHC REB)

phone: 6048225688
Rm 261, 2206 East Mall

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MEDD 410 CANMEDS Introduction
MEDD 410 Medical Ethics
MEDD 411 Case-Based Learning
MEDD 412 Case-Based Learning
MEDD 411 Clinical Skills
MEDD (Years 1-3) Porfolio Coach
MEDD 419 Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning I
MEDD 421 Case-Based Learning
MEDD 429 Flexible Enhanced Learning II
MEDD (Year 3) Ophthalmology Journal Club
MEDD (Year 4) Preparation for Medical Practice (PMP) – iExperience
UBC International Summer Program in Medicine

Research Interests:
Study of the pathophysiology of fever in infectious diseases

Study of spontaneous disease remission in association with acute febrile infections

Study of the underlying mechanism for seizures associated with epilepsy, fever, eclampsia, fluid maintenance during surgery, following head injuries, and drug related seizures.

Emerging research ethics for clinical trial investigations