BSc (Hons)

Dr. Murphy is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. She received her PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism from the University of Alberta which characterized the clinical role of omega-3 fatty acids on cancer cachexia and response to chemotherapy.

Dr. Murphy completed a postdoctorate in the Laboratory of Epidemiology, and Population Sciences at the National Institute on Aging (2011-2014) in the United States. Her postdoctorate focused on understanding the role of nutrition and obesity on chronic disease risk in aging populations and was supported by a grant from the Office of Dietary Supplements/National Institutes of Health. Prior to joining UBC, Dr. Murphy was a Scientific Leader at DSM Nutritional Products. 

She has received numerous awards for her work including the Canadian Nutrition Society PhD Dissertation Award (2012), Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, CIHR (2012-2014), Careers in Cancer Research Development Program New PI Award, CIHR ICR, CCSRI (2015) and the Career Development Awards in Prevention, Canadian Cancer Society (2016)

Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention
BC Cancer Agency
Human Nutrition, Land and Food Sciences


Select Publications

1. Murphy RA, Moore SC, Meirelles O, et al. (2016). Metabolites associated with lean mass and adiposity in older African American men. J Gerontol Bio Sci. In Press  

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14. Murphy RA, Mourtzakis M, Chu QS, et al. (2011) Supplementation with fish oil increases first-line chemotherapy efficacy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer, 117:3774-80.

MSc: Christina Gu, Gayathri Murthy

MPh: Kaity McLaughlin

The goal of Dr. Murphy’s research program is to reduce the risk of chronic disease through modifiable lifestyle factors.  About one-third of cancers can be prevented by eating well, maintaining a healthy body weight and regular physical activity. Dr. Murphy’s research focuses on healthy eating and body weight with an interest in older adults and other populations with increased risk of cancer and chronic disease. Additional research interests include knowledge translation of nutrition evidence, and biomarkers of diet, obesity and metabolism such as metabolomics; the study of small molecule metabolites in biological systems that may help improve exposure assessment and identify pathways linking lifestyle factors and disease.

Dr. Murphy is active in population research, public health and community knowledge translation. She aims to translating her research to health promotion strategies with the goal of reducing preventable cancers and chronic disease.