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Quynh Doan is an emergency pediatrician practicing at BC Children’s Hospital. She graduated from McGill medical school and completed her pediatric residency at UBC. After working as a community pediatrician for 2 years, she pursued studies in the Masters of Health Sciences program at UBC and then completed her subspecialty training in pediatric emergency medicine. She recently completed her studies in the PhD program at the UBC School of Population and Public Health. Her thesis consisted of studies examining various aspects surrounding the integration of Physician Assistants to Canadian pediatric emergency departments as a mean to address Emergency Department congestion.

Her research program is now comprised of projects evaluating pediatric emergency department patterns of use, the quality of the care provided and the efficiency of our service delivery. She aims to answer questions pertaining to the population’s need for pediatric emergency care, how well our healthcare system is equipped to meet this need, and how can we maintain or improve the quality and value of the care provided to children and families seeking help in emergency settings.

Department of Pediatrics, Division of Emergency Medicine

Canadian Pediatric Society first prize Fellow research award 2008 Society for Pediatric Research Clinical Fellow Research Award 2008 Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program, Doctoral Award 2009-2012 Michael Smith Foundation for health research Scholars Award 2014

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Karen Muller MHA 2014

• Etiologies and Outcomes of Pediatric Falls: Are Monkey Bars Bad News? (Manuscript drafting)
• Root causes to return visits to a pediatric emergency department. (Data collection)
• General Emergency department overcrowding: What about the kids? (Data validation)
• Emergency Department pediatric utilization following a first visit: A comprehensive assessment. (Data validation)
• Pediatric visits to community emergency departments: outcomes from referrals and unscheduled return visits to a pediatric center. (Data analyses)
• Pediatric emergency department unscheduled return visits: A regional assessment. (Data validation)
• Pediatric emergency department overcrowding: How busy is too busy? (Operating grant submission)
• Impact of nurse practitioners on patient flow in a Canadian pediatric emergency department (Manuscript drafting)